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Kia [Dailycar Design Award] Kia·Renault-Samsung·MINI·Citroen proved their design competitiveness
2017-05-22 10:16
[포토기사]   957       
[사진] 스팅어 (Stinger)

Kia Stinger was chosen as the most beautiful car among domestic cars selling in Korean market. Among imported cars selling in Korea, MINI Cooper was selected as the most beautiful car.

Also, it is shown that among the Korean domestic brands, Kia and Renault-Samsung’s designs are popular, while MINI brand and Citroen are proved their design competitiveness among imported car brands.

Dailycar, Korean automobile news media, which held ‘Dailycar Design Award 2017’, announced today Kia Stinger and MINI Cooper have the best design among domestic cars and imported cars selling in Korean market respectively. Dailycar Design Award was held from May 11 to 15. Winners was selected based on the evaluation from 24 judges(70%) and votes from 1000 internet users(30%). The voting system was operated by Nice R&C, Korean research company.

Dailycar held ‘Dailycar Design Award 2017’ to celebrate its 9th anniversary. Overall, the award targeted 58 kinds of Korean cars(13 segments) and 153 of imported cars(14 segments). Based on those 211 models, Dailycar Design Award chose the most beautiful car design of the year.

[사진] 뉴 미니

As there has been no such award in global car industry, it seems to be a good challenge, since Dailycar Design Award picks the most beautiful car in every segment based solely on design.

First, among 51 domestic models selling in Korea now, Kia’s performance sedan named ‘Stinger’ got 18% and therefore, it was chosen as the most beautiful car of the year. Renault-Samsung SM6 and QM6 had 6.5%, 6.4% respectively.

Here is the list of segment winners of domestic brands’ models. In the A-segment, Chevrolet’s Spark was chosen as the winner. Hyundai Accent is the winner of small domestic car segment, and Hyundai’s Avante is the winner of compact domestic car segment. In the mid-sized car segment, Renault-Samsung’s SM6 proved its design beauty, and Kia K7 is the winner of the upper mid-sized segment. Genesis G80 was chosen among large-sized domestic cars.

Small SUV segment, Renault-Samsung’s QM3 won, while Kia’s Sportage is the winner of compact SUV part. Renault-Samsung’s QM6 won in the mid-sized SUV and Ssangyong’s G4 Rexton was chosen in the large-sized SUV. Kia’s Carnival, Chevrolet’s Camaro, Renault-Samsung’s Twizy are the winners of domestic MPV, domestic high-performance car, and domestic eco cars respectively.

[사진] SM6

Kia has 4 winners and Renault-Samsung has 4 winners too, so they proved their design competitiveness. Hyundai and GM Korea have 2 winners per each, while Genesis and Ssangyong have 1 winner respectively.

Among imported brands’ models selling in Korea, MINI Cooper was chosen as the most beautiful car. BMW i8 got 6.9% and Porsche 911 had 6.2%.

MINI Cooper was also chosen as the most beautiful car in the small imported car segment, here it got 32.6%. BMW 4 series is the winner of imported compact car segment, and Citroen DS5 is the winner of imported mid-sized car part. Volvo’s Cross Country was chosen as the most beautiful car in imported upper mid-sized car segment, and Porsche Panamera is the winner of imported large-sized car segment. Bentley Continental is the most beautiful car among luxury imported models.

Citroen C4 Cactus is the winner of imported small SUV, Porsche Macan is the winner of imported compact SUV segment. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ranked top in imported mid-sized SUVs , and Mercedes’s G-class took the first place in the imported large-sized SUV. In terms of imported MPV segment, Citroen’s C4 Picasso is the winner, and Ford’s Mustang won in the imported sports cars. Lamborghini Aventador was chosen as the most beautiful car among imported super cars selling in Korean market, and BMW i8 is the imported-eco car segment winner.

[사진] 시트로엥 C4 칵투스

Citroen has 3 winners, which is the most, while MINI, BMW, Porsche each has two winners. Mercedes, Volvo, Land Rover, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ford listed their models in winners’ list too while there were no Japanese car took the first place.

“Recently, it has been shown that customers consider the car design as one of the most important features when they buy cars. It is meaningful to evaluate the design of all cars sold in one country”, Dailycar said.

He added “Korean customers have really strict standards when they buy cars, and this is why Korean market has been considered as the test market for global carmakers. Dailycar Design Award will be a good opportunity to see the design trends of global popular brands.”

■ Judges of Dailycar Design Award 2017

[사진] Dailycar Design Award 2017 Winners

▲Dr. John(Young-ill) Kim, a chief designer and a former president of design department of Hyundai Motors, the head of judging panel of Auto Design Award ▲Seung-bin Yim, a director of emotional design in Kia ▲Gap-dong Choi, a head of exterior design department in Chevrolet GM Korea ▲Joo-wan Sung, a chief designer and general manager of Renault Design Asia ▲Myung-hack Lee, a senior executive of the design department of Ssangyong Motors

▲Hubert Lee, a director of advanced design center of Mercedes-Benz ▲Hoe-young Hwang, an exterior designer in Bentley Motors ▲Jung-sam Park, a creative Expert Designer in Creative Box ▲Moon-han Lee, a director of the research department in Nice R&C ▲Tae-sun Yoon, a managing director of Consumer Insight.

▲Eun-tae Kim, a general secretary and executive director from The Korean Society of Automotive Engineers ▲Sang Koo, a professor in the department of automobile transportation design of Kookmin University ▲Chul-ho Kim, a professor in the department of automobile engineering of Seoul National University of Science and Technology ▲Won-kyung Kim, a professor in the department of industrial design of Chung-Ang University ▲Jong-min Cha, a professor in the department of transportation design of Hongik University ▲Jin-sung Kim, Assistant Professor in the department of innovation design of Sejong University

▲Young-sun Ha, Dailycar chief editor ▲Ra-kyung Kim, Dailycar general manager ▲Jae-min Ju, a head of video production department in Dailycar ▲Song-yi Kim, Dailycar journalist ▲ Hong-june Park, Dailycar journalist ▲Byung-ho Jeon, Dailycar journalist ▲Mahina. h. Moon, Dailycar journalist,▲ Ye-chan Ju, a staff of video production department in Dailycar (all 24 judges listed above).

by Kim, Song-Yi   sykim@dailycar.co.kr
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