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Kia Kia releases first images of all-new Morning
2017-01-04 16:57
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Kia Motors has today released images of the all-new Morning, the third-generation of one of Kia‘s global best-selling cars.

Created by Kia‘s design centres in Namyang, Korea and Frankfurt, Germany, the new Morning brings youthful and energetic character to the A-segment. The new model - revealed in Kia‘s sports-inspired ’ GT-Line‘ specification - conveys a more assertive stance through bolder body lines and subtly sculpted surfaces.

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A 15 mm-longer wheelbase (2385 mm to 2400 mm) also pushes the wheels further out into each corner for a more confident appearance. The Morning‘s colour palette is more vibrant than ever, with a choice of 11 bright paint options designed to make the car stand out.

Inside, Morning‘s suite of high-tech comfort, convenience and safety features is underscored by a modern and refined new cabin design. At the heart of the cabin is a new ‘floating’ touchscreen infotainment system, making the latest in-car technology available to occupants. The Morning offers greater potential for customer personalisation, with buyers able to choose from a range of colours for trim and upholstery.

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Buyers of the all-new Morning will enjoy smarter packaging efficiency than ever before, with more cabin and cargo space than rivals in the segment. In spite of its extended wheelbase, the Morning retains its characteristically compact dimensions. With a shorter front overhang and longer rear overhang, the all-new model is the same length (3595mm) as the car it replaces.

Kia will reveal the all-new Morning in public for the first time at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show in March, and will go on sale at the end of the third quarter of 2017.

[사진] 올 뉴 모닝

by Kim, Song-Yi   sykim@dailycar.co.kr
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