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Jaguar Ian Callum says ″Design is an order created in the chaos”
2016-12-05 16:35
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[사진] 재규어 디자인 총괄 디렉터 이안칼럼

“I want to define design as an order created in the chaos. A great design is something instinctively accepted without any explanation, while the functional perspective and shape of design are also important.”

Ian Callum, director of design for Jaguar brand said on 3rd at Jaguar Car Design Award 2016. He visited Korea for evaluating finalists’ works.

[사진] 이안 칼럼 재규어 디자인 총괄

He also mentioned about the philosophy of Jaguar design. “Now many brands try to make the surface more and more complicated, but Jaguar keeps to make it as clean as possible, as purity and cleanliness are the key of Jaguar design.”

With the rapid development of new technologies, Callum also predicted the future of car design, especially in the autonomous car area. “If you want to work as a car designer, interior design is the promising field, because people will spend more time in the car under the development of various fusion technology” He said.

[사진] 이안 칼럼 재규어 디자인 총괄

He also gave the final evaluation of the three finalists of Jaguar Car Design Award 2016 as well as giving his own opinion and advice to the participants. “Lateral thinking, is the first factor designers should have. Rather thinking in the easy way and finding the answer, complicated thought for finding alternatives is required. Although it is an old book, I want to recommend a book ‘Lateral Thinking’ written by Edward de Bono.”

He emphasized that a designer should consider not only aesthetic element but engineering factor too. He said “I want to say that students need to study about aerodynamics more, as it is one of the most important factors which determine car design.” He also added “The thought like “Somebody will make it as a production car” is wrong if you are a designer and after design something beautiful. A designer should consider and design a car within the engineering limits.”

[사진] 이안 칼럼 재규어 디자인 총괄

Meanwhile, Jaguar Korea chose Sungnak Lee as a final winner of this year’s car design award. Lee received two million won and will visit Jaguar design Studio in U.K. and participate in U.K. design school summer program given by Jaguar Korea as winner’s benefits.

by Kim,Song-Yi   sykim@dailycar.co.kr
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